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The Nutritional Regimen for Bone Density Support is Changing

Introducing MBP®
Next Generation Bone Density Support

Many nutritionists used to recommend high calcium supplementation. They now suggest getting most calcium from your diet and supplementing moderately with about 500mg per day. This important change is based on preliminary evidence, which shows excess calcium not used by the bone can be deposited into soft tissues, setting up potential health risks.*

An extraordinary protein fraction recently discovered in milk, MBP® can help you optimize the bone density benefits of the calcium you get from food. MBP® encourages our bones to use dietary calcium for bone building. MBP® does this by directly stimulating bone building cells. Four clinical studies show how powerful MBP® can be: women of all ages taking MBP®, and getting calcium only from their diets, showed meaningful bone density results after six months of consistent use. In the study among healthy young women, MBP® resulted in significantly higher mean gain in lumbar spine bone density (1.57%) compared to placebo (.13%). While seemingly small, a 1.57% gain is significant, and is 12 times higher than the placebo group’s results.1*

Healthy, beautiful bone density only becomes possible when the calcium we ingest gets into our bones, where it can be used for bone building. Let MBP® be your powerful ally in achieving this goal.*

See how MBP® works

Watch the video to see how MBP® works.

Find the best MBP® product for you:
MBP® Bone Renew™

This small capsule taken once daily provides 40 mg of MBP®, the amount clinical studies show positively impacted bone density. Because MBP® works so well with dietary calcium, MBP® Bone Renew™ is a great choice if you’re getting lots of calcium in your diet from foods such as cheese, kale, and sardines. Our bones start to lose mass as early as age 30. We also suggest MBP® for younger active women seeking to optimize their bone density early on.*

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MBP® Osteo

Designed to deliver the best bone-supporting nutrients available, this multi-action formula combines the power of MBP® with the latest science backed nutrients. MBP® Osteo provides the moderate amount of 500 mg calcium which emerging science suggests for those not getting enough from their diet. It also features vitamins D3 and K2, which help calcium reach the bones.*

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1Uenishi, K., Ishida, H., Toba, Y., Itabashi, A., & Takada, Y. (2007).Effect of Milk Basic Protein on Bone Mineral Density and Bone Metabolism in Healthy Young Women. MBP® is a U.S. registered trademark of MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co., Ltd. and is protected under multiple U.S. patents. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.