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Right. Health and Libido: but not necessarily in that order. For some men, talking about “a healthy, active lifestyle” is code for something else entirely. Men need a comprehensive set of nutrients that support a vigorous, active lifestyle plus a nitro-enhanced male sexual response. By nitro, we’re not talking NASCAR. A male-centric libido formula like Source Naturals® Male Response™ combined with a terrific multi, like Men's Life Force® will cover the bases “with benefits.” Systemic benefits include enhanced states of arousal, blood flow, endothelial health for nitric oxide (“NO” AKA nitro) production, and a healthy male genitourinary system. Male Response™ includes arginine, a precursor for nitric oxide, because it supports increased circulation by relaxing blood vessels. Nitric oxide released by healthy endothelial cells stimulates dilation of blood vessels (vasodilatation) for healthy blood flow, which is essential for the male sexual response. Other key ingredients for enhanced sexual function include yohimbine, arginine, and citrulline. Saw palmetto, nettles and zinc support a healthy prostate and genitourinary system.
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Horny Goat Weed bottleshot
Male Nitro® bottleshot
Enhances Male Sexual Response
Prosta-Response<sup>&trade;</sup> bottleshot
Supports Prostate Function and Healthy Urine Flow
Saw Palmetto Extract bottleshot
Supports Prostate Health
Swedish Flower Pollen bottleshot
Supports Prostate Function and Healthy Urine Flow
Tongkat Ali bottleshot
Male Libido Tonic
Tribulus Extract bottleshot
Supports Reproductive Function
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Life Force MultivitaminMelatoninWellness FormulaInflama-RestEssential EnzymesHigher MindMale ResponseGlucosamine-Chondroitin with MSM
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