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Female cycles are a part of nature—yet the unnatural challenges of modern life imposed on us, from fast food diets to nutrient-depleted foods, to toxic environments can complicate women’s health. We frequently tolerate poor diets and stress. We’re exposed to synthetic estrogens in the environment. Female-friendly supplements are designed to help compensate for our complicated lives. We have formulations for menopause, libido and mood support. Others support breast, skin, hair and nail health. With the right supplements, you’ll be dancing. Get out your dancing shoes!
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Black Cohosh bottleshot
Standardized Extract
Bone Balance<sup>&trade;</sup> bottleshot
Bioactive Calcium Formula
Butcher's Broom bottleshot
Ruscus Aculeatus
Butterbur Extract, Urovex<span class='superscript'>&reg;</span> bottleshot
Supports a Healthy Bladder
Calcium D-Glucarate bottleshot
Cellular Detoxifier
Cimi-Fem<sup>&trade;</sup> bottleshot
May Help Reduce Hot Flashes Associated with Menopause
D-Mannose bottleshot
Supports Urinary Tract Health
DIM bottleshot
Hot Flash® bottleshot
Helps Reduce the Frequency of Hot Flashes Associated with Menopause
Intimate Response<sup>&trade;</sup> bottleshot
Enhances Female Vitality
Mega Primrose<sup>&trade;</sup> bottleshot
Maintains Cell Membranes
Meno-7<sup>&trade;</sup> bottleshot
Multi-Menopause Symptom Relief
Menopause Multiple<sup>&trade;</sup> bottleshot
Non-GMO Soy
MenoPositive® bottleshot
Non-Soy Hot Flash Relief
Monthly Comfort PMS Formula<sup>&trade;</sup> bottleshot
Women’s Monthly Relief Formula
Ostivone<span class='superscript'>&reg;</span> bottleshot
Progesterone Cream bottleshot
Paraben Free
Red Clover Extract bottleshot
Standardized to 40 mg Isoflavones
Body Systems Explained
Life Force MultivitaminMelatoninWellness FormulaInflama-RestEssential EnzymesHigher MindMale ResponseGlucosamine-Chondroitin with MSM
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